The ALS Road Map on MCM

We are thrilled to announce the My City Med ALS Road Map is now live on our site. Visitors to the MCM ALS Road Map will now be able to:

  • Search for a specialist by diagnosis or keyword
  • Search for other non-medical providers like medical device and equipment manufacturers and more
  • Read the latest news in treatments
  • Locate clinical trials
  • Participate in discussion forums and groups
  • Share your story with others
  • Search for symptoms by keyword across our entire site – no more siloed information like other social media sites!
  • Find awareness events, 5k runs and walks, and more

This ALS Road Map is only the first of many resources we’re adding to “Re:Source Rare“, our initiative dedicated to locating and sharing the world’s best research and medical resources in rare disease. Our goals with Re:Source Rare are aggressive and ambitious, just as they should be when serving a patient population renowned for its tenacity, drive, and relentless pursuit of treatments and cures. We aim to connect newly diagnosed and rare disease veterans with the support and resources they need to manage their diagnosis in a caring, community-based environment. Want to join us? Sign up for a free user account today.

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  1. Kortne Altinga 5 years ago

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